Healthcare’s most effective vendor onboarding and monitoring solution.

Onboard, manage, and monitor your entire vendor network with VendorProof.

It really feels more like a partnership than a vendor relationship because you’re in it with us…helping us identify issues, understand the data and optimize the system.

Valerie W., Chief Compliance Officer
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A Vendor Enrollment Campaign that Works

When your organization launches VendorProof, we deploy a strategic communication campaign to your vendor network. Through direct mail, email, and digital advertising, we communicate the compliance requirement for vendors and the benefits they receive for enrolling. Our VendorCare team answer your vendors’ questions and guide them through onboarding and enrollment.

Smarter, more effective vendor monitoring

Your VendorProof enrollment campaign serves to update and complete your vendor records, adding hard-to-capture information. We monitor your vendor network against all Federal (OIG LEIE and SAM/GSA) and all 43 State Medicaid exclusion lists. Our industry-leading enhanced data works to identify exclusions among vendors and vendor owners, catching matches other solutions never find.

Smarter Vendor Monitoring
Data Integrity

Data Integrity Across your Vendor Network

Better data leads to more accurate monitoring. With VendorProof, your vendor network data is updated at least annually, and our integration capabilities ensure the latest and most accurate data flows back into your Accounts Payable, ERP, and contract management systems.

Discover New Compliant Vendors

Use the VendorProof Marketplace to find new vendors for whatever product or service you need. And rest assured that every business you find on the Marketplace is already being monitored.

Discover New Compliant Vendors
Custom Onboarding Workflows

Design Custom Onboarding Workflows

VendorProof is the industry’s most adaptive and flexible solution for vendor onboarding workflows, specific to your organization. From ownership data to Medicare Advantage questionnaires, we’ll help you determine the information you need to collect from your vendors and how their data flows back into your existing systems.

Capture W-9s for Every Vendor

Through the VendorProof portal, you can automatically generate an updated W-9 for any enrolled vendor at any time, ensuring your Accounts Payable team always has the latest data.

Capture W9s
Collect Vendor Updates

Easily Collect Vendor Updates

Your vendors will be prompted to make regular updates to their information, ensuring data accuracy and reliable monitoring. At the click of a button, push new requirements, documentation, etc. to your vendor network and measure completion over time to ensure compliance.

Dedicated Client Success and User Support

From implementation kickoff to navigating exclusions, your Client Success team will ensure VendorProof saves you time and energy. During your enrollment campaign, the Vendor Care team will serve as the go-to resource for your vendors: answering questions and walking them through the enrollment process.

Dedicated Client Support

Meet VendorProof

VendorProof allows you to onboard, manage, and monitor your entire vendor network in one platform. Not only does VendorProof deploy strategic communication campaigns, but it also monitors your vendor network against the OIG LEIE, SAM/GSA, and State Medicaid exclusion lists, catching matches other solutions never find.

It’s time for smarter vendor onboarding and monitoring.