Executive Briefing: Building a Provider Network Strategy While Navigating COVID-19

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ProviderTrust hosted a live conversation for health plan executive leadership on best practices for building an effective provider network strategy during COVID-19.

Our own Director of Marketing, David Servodidio is joined by Eric Lisle, EVP of Enterprise Acquisitions and Provider Strategy at WellMed. Eric has also served in executive leadership roles at Optum, Humana, Highmark Health, and PA Health & Wellness.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What metrics provider network executives analyze routinely to evaluate effectiveness
  • How organizations like WellMed, Optum, Humana, and Highmark have shaped their provider network strategies
  • Best practices in acquisitions to support your provider network development efforts
  • A few best practices from Eric, a known thought leader for provider network development strategy.

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