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The State of License and Credential Verification in Provider Organizations

Though 99% of healthcare executives agree that accurate and timely credential verification supports quality of care for patients, workflow and data integrity challenges remain for much of the industry. Many healthcare organizations seek a better way to verify provider eligibility as regulations shift and budgets tighten.

The need to verify provider credentials isn’t new; yet, for many healthcare organizations, the process hasn’t become more efficient. Changing regulations, disjointed data, and complex processes make credential verification difficult to navigate for many provider organizations.

Despite these challenges, 84% of healthcare executives expect to devote more attention and resources to credential verification over the next 18-24 months. As part of our commitment to support a safer healthcare system, ProviderTrust partnered with Healthcare Dive to survey 150 leaders at provider organizations to understand the state of credential verification and find a better path forward.

In this report, we share the results of that survey to explore how provider organizations currently tackle their biggest challenges and identify opportunities for more efficiency moving forward.

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