What sources does ProviderTrust check for exclusions?

You need complete confidence in your healthcare populations’ ability to participate in Medicare and Medicaid. That’s why you rely on ProviderTrust. We monitor all available federal and state exclusion sources, continuously. We ensure you never miss an exclusion and don’t waste resources on potential matches.  

Federal Exclusion Lists

SAM.gov (EPLS)

State Medicaid Exclusion or Terminated Provider Lists

If a provider is excluded in a state other than the one they’re practicing in, you need to know. But State Medicaid Exclusion or Terminated Provider lists are inconsistent and difficult to manually track. Every package for ongoing exclusion monitoring service with ProviderTrust includes conclusive results for every available state list.  

States with No Available List – Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin

* States with Email Requests Only – Delaware, Vermont

States No Longer Maintaining List (Replaced by OIG-LEIE) – Arizona

Get more from your monitoring with additional lists like SSDMF, DEA, OFAC, and more.

Exclusion Monitoring

Expand your monitoring coverage beyond state and federal exclusion lists! Every ProviderTrust monitoring package comes with the ability to add additional monitored sources, including:

  • Medicare Opt Out
  • FDA Debarment List
  • CMS Preclusion List
  • DOJ DEA Cases Against Doctors
  • OIG High Risk
  • OIG Waivers
  • OFAC

Looking to add something to your ongoing monitoring? Send us a note at support@providertrust.com to get started.  

Exclusion monitoring doesn't have to be complex. Get the Guide to Healthcare Exclusion Authorities today.