Impact Compliance™

The Industry's Highest Standards in Healthcare Compliance Monitoring

A Call for Collective Change

We can all agree that everyone deserves a safe healthcare experience. Yet, fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare persist—and our nation’s most vulnerable patient populations are most likely to feel the impact.

Though the regulatory expectations for individuals and entities that touch our healthcare system are clear, they aren’t always enforced. But we shouldn’t rely on potential fines and penalties to inspire change. When our industry leans on bare-minimum compliance solutions, data gaps create blind spots in oversight that perpetuate unnecessary risk.

Impact Compliance is ProviderTrust’s call to set a higher standard for healthcare compliance monitoring practices industry-wide. It’s time to go above and beyond regulatory requirements in the name of patient safety and healthcare equity. The healthcare industry needs to think differently about today’s mounting compliance challenges, and we’re ready to lead the way.

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Setting the New Gold Standard

We do have the tools to raise the bar for federal and state exclusion monitoring, license and credential verification, and comprehensive vendor compliance. But it takes a strategic, data-driven approach to address compliance from every angle, considering three key factors.


Vendors can appear on exclusion lists, too. Are you managing your vendor/supplier data with the same level of rigor as your employees and physicians?
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Primary Sources

Disparate data sources make it difficult to gather the information you need. Does your current workflow identify and resolve discrepancies between all primary sources?
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Exclusions, sanctions, and expirations can happen anytime. What gaps in data does your current monitoring and/or verification frequency create?
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Impact Compliance™ in Action

Impact Compliance establishes a compliance spectrum that illustrates each organization’s impact on eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare ecosystem.

Using the three key factors, this spectrum pinpoints your exclusion monitoring and license and credential verification practices on a scale. Your place on the compliance spectrum demonstrates the completeness of your compliance monitoring coverage and identifies any gaps that contribute to additional risk.

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At ProviderTrust, our mission has always been to create safer healthcare for everyone. We tackle that mission by continuously prioritizing:
We know every compliance program is limited by its resources—time, money, and people. Speak to one of our solution experts to see how ProviderTrust can customize an Impact Compliance program to uniquely meet the needs of your organization.

Explore Impact Compliance™ by Solution

Federal & State Exclusion List Monitoring

Leverage the industry’s leading dataset for fully automated, ongoing exclusion monitoring of your licensed and non-licensed employees, ordering and referring physicians, contracted physicians, and vendor entities.

License & Credential Verification

Receive the industry’s most accurate automated license and credential verifications directly within your system of record. We deliver results you can trust at exactly the right frequency to prevent eligibility gaps.

Comprehensive Vendor Compliance

Achieve the industry’s highest vendor compliance standards through our comprehensive vendor data collection process that addresses one of the most difficult populations to monitor: vendor entities, vendor owners, and vendor employees.

Improve your compliance standards with Impact Compliance™.

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