ProviderTrust for Partners

Create new avenues of connectivity and interoperability for clients through strategic integration of healthcare’s leader in always-accurate data intelligence.
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Integration Partner

Integrate ProviderTrust within your existing workflows and applications via our bi-directional API or SFTP/manual integration.

Referral Partner

Open revenue share opportunities by referring your clients to ProviderTrust for additional services.

Why Partner with ProviderTrust

Generate new revenue streams
Connect your clients with always-accurate data insights on providers, vendors, and/or employees to increase value and enhance your market positioning.
Increase client satisfaction
Remain competitive by adding new opportunities to increase client engagement and retention.
Optimize existing workflows
Connect directly to existing workflows, delivering monitoring and verification insights within your current system of record.
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Why Industry Leaders Choose ProviderTrust

The new standard in compliance intelligence
From primary source verification to exact-match results, our compliance monitoring platform is more than a “check-the-box” solution. For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with healthcare leaders to uphold the highest standards of patient safety and quality with our SOC II and NCQA-CVO-certified platform.
Data that makes a difference
Our data enrichment methodology catches exclusions that others may miss by matching unique identifiers with a company’s population data to complete comprehensive monitoring searches in real-time, immediately delivering ongoing value and insights.
Guaranteed accuracy and quality
We analyze and interpret thousands of primary sources across every state and healthcare discipline to verify and resolve every potential issue, returning only exact-match results.

An API to Unlock Our Entire Data Platform

Our partnership program unlocks the power and sophistication of ProviderTrust’s Compliance Intelligence, enabling real-time access to more than a decade of historical data and insights. Deliver monitoring insights and immediate verification results to your clients across population workflows for exclusions, licenses, credentials, and more.

  • Integrate utilizing our bi-directional API, enabling your workflows and applications in HRIS, ERP, provider network management systems, and more.
  • Explore bi-directional integrations via SFTP for HRIS workflows.

Comprehensive and Always-Accurate Results for Any Population

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Federal and State Medicaid Exclusion List Monitoring

Healthcare’s most trusted ongoing HHS-OIG,, and state Medicaid exclusion list monitoring thoughtfully engineered for every unique population.

ProviderTrust's platform for license and credential monitoring

Primary Source License and Credential Verification

Continuous license monitoring and primary source verifications to give your clients the insights they need.

Integrate Your Applications with ProviderTrust

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Start integrating our compliance intelligence.

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