Compliance Monitoring Crafted for HR Confidence

Eliminate administrative complexity often plaguing HR and Compliance workflows, keeping HR teams focused on your organization’s greatest asset – its people. 

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“Working with ProviderTrust is the easy button. Depending on what stage you are in the lifecycle of a company, if monitoring from a compliance perspective is on your radar, it's the easiest money we ever spend - working with ProviderTrust - because you have absolute confidence.”

Pilar Jenkins

VP of Human Resources

Spend More Time Developing Your People

Don’t let HR administrative complexity keep you from helping your employees grow and succeed. We deliver healthcare’s most trusted ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure continuous compliance across all HR and Compliance requirements.

Distributed Compliance Creates Administrative Complexity

Streamline your process to keep focus on your people

Partnership between HR and Compliance allows for a centralized ownership of processes. We help your teams standardize and simplify the process of compliance monitoring, delivering freedom from your process to focus on your people.

An evolving healthcare landscape leads to licensure challenges

A highly mobile workforce paired with differing state regulatory requirements makes ongoing licensure verification challenging. We deliver daily license and certification monitoring at the primary source to ensure your mobile workforce is compliant across every state border.

two hr professionals using different processes to keep track of compliance
illustrated alert of non compliant employees

Automated, Ongoing Monitoring of Your Entire Workforce

License and credential monitoring and verification designed to scale
Our NCQA-accredited continuous compliance monitoring and primary source verification ensures that every employee or provider has the required credentials to serve your patients.
We verify any potential matches for you
Our team carefully considers any potential exclusion matches, such as a common name or misspelling, and verifies any false positives for you, saving your team countless hours of tedious, manual work.

Confidence that Every Care Provider is in Good Standing

Workflow design with prioritization in mind

We’ve engineered dashboards to identify and prioritize potential compliance issues, complete with all the necessary documentation and verification history, for your HR teams to quickly address and resolve.

Securely integrate with your HRIS
Bi-directional HRIS integrations connect the systems that power your workforce, delivering actionable insights when and where you need them most.
Healthcare provider proved compliant

Thoughtfully Curated for Your Organization

One powerful monitoring and verification platform, designed with Human Resources in mind.
illustration of woman using providertrust's platform for employee monitoring

Employee Monitoring

We deliver healthcare’s most trusted ongoing compliance monitoring for every employee. 

ProviderTrust's platform for license and credential monitoring

License and Credential Monitoring

Our NCQA-accredited continuous license monitoring and primary source verification ensures that every provider is patient ready.

Innovated for intelligence. Handcrafted for humans.

Primary Source Verification

Verify every license and credential for all providers directly at the primary source.

Renewals and Expirations
Know when every license and credential will expire or be revoked.
Reporting and Documentation

Always be audit-ready with primary source documentation for every provider.

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