Ongoing Verification and Monitoring for Greater Confidence in Your People

Ensure ongoing visibility of employee eligibility with an automated solution that delivers license and credential verification and exclusion monitoring exactly when and where you need them.
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Spend Time Where It Matters

Maintain full visibility into your workforce’s eligibility with automated license and credential verification and ongoing exclusion monitoring. Our solutions integrate with HRIS platforms to deliver the results you need without time-consuming manual processes.

A Single Source of Truth for Your Organization

Stay people-focused with simplified processes
Save time and ensure the accuracy of your results with our automated solutions. We’ve curated an industry-leading dataset that takes care of the busywork so you can focus on what really matters—your people.
A powerful resource for HR and Compliance
A centralized data hub for your entire organization ensures that your Compliance counterparts have the oversight they need without disrupting HR’s workflow.

Set a Higher Standard with Automated, Ongoing Exclusion Monitoring

Reduce risk with ongoing monitoring
Manual exclusion monitoring leaves the door open for issues to arise between checks. With ongoing exclusion monitoring, you’ll be alerted to any changes right away. We never miss a primary source update, so neither will you.
Delivering results you can count on
We deliver exact-match results only, saving you time-consuming manual work that other vendors don’t. Our data oversight team carefully considers any “potential matches” and clears up any false positives free of charge.

A Better Way to Verify Licenses and Credentials

A solution designed to scale
Our automated license and credential verification solution can flex to meet your organization’s needs as they evolve. We cover all healthcare disciplines in all 50 states for total peace of mind.
Securely integrate with your HRIS
There’s no need to learn a new tool. Bi-directional HRIS integrations connect the systems that power your workforce, so actionable insights arrive in your existing workflow.
human resources license verifications

Thoughtfully Curated for Your Organization

Our solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. We’ll work with you to find the best mix of services to meet your organization’s unique needs.
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Federal and State Exclusion List Monitoring

Leverage the industry’s leading dataset for fully automated, ongoing exclusion monitoring of your entire workforce.
ProviderTrust's platform for license and credential monitoring

License and Credential Verifications

Receive the industry’s most accurate automated license and credential verifications directly within your system of record. We deliver results you can trust at exactly the right frequency to prevent eligibility gaps.

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