Fast, Accurate Provider Credentialing for Payers

Speed up turnaround times by 97% and ensure the accuracy of your results with ProviderTrust’s HITRUST- and NCQA-certified primary source verifications.

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A Better Way to Credential Providers

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Reliable Provider Credentialing at a Remarkable Pace

ProviderTrust’s HITRUST- and NCQA-certified provider credentialing solution ensures accurate, timely primary source verifications throughout the credentialing process.

Our data integrates directly into your existing workflows, removes the burden of manual verifications, and reduces credentialing turnaround times by 97%.

Reliable Results in a Fraction of the Time

Cut your initial turnaround time by 97%
Say goodbye to 60+ day turnaround times for initial credentialing. We return 95% of our primary source verifications in less than 2 days and the other 5% in less than a week.
Zero wait time for recredentialing results
After the initial check, all of your primary source verifications will be instant. Your credentialing team—and your provider network—will thank you.
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Woman's provider profile depicting her status as clear, double-checked against state records from Texas

Our Data Makes a Difference

A data strategy that delivers accurate, complete results
Our proprietary data strategy enhances primary source data with unique identifiers to deliver an unbeatable level of accuracy. There are no “potential matches” to sort through because our data integrity ensures exact matches only.
A dynamic source of provider data
Don’t let your data go stale. Access verified credentials at any time with a secure API that fuels your existing workflows with ProviderTrust’s dynamic data, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date results.

Minimize Risk and Maximize Profit

Ongoing monitoring prevents unauthorized payments
We regularly monitor for exclusions between initial credentialing and recredentialing, so you don’t risk making payments to providers whose eligibility has changed since the last time you checked. Plus, we stand by our results with an E&O policy to give you peace of mind.
The highest standard of safety and security
We handle sensitive data every day, and we work hard to keep it secure. Our solutions are HITRUST- and NCQA-certified to ensure that our security practices meet and exceed the highest industry standards.
“Not only has ProviderTrust saved us countless hours of unnecessary work and delivered peace of mind, but their solution is also the most polished one that we work with. We’re frequently complimented on how organized our credentialing files and programs are.”

Maxwell Tucker

Maxwell Tucker, Sr. Manager, Credentialing and Delegation Oversight

Data Integrity Built to Scale

Explore our monitoring and verification solutions, especially designed for Credentialing teams.

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Provider Network Compliance

Eliminate compliance risk across your organization with a solution fueled by data that’s even better than the primary source.
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CVO Primary Source Verification

We monitor and verify compliance issues directly at the primary source across the healthcare ecosystem.

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