Uphold Compliance Standards with Best-in-Class Intelligence

From primary source verification to exact-match results, our compliance monitoring platform goes beyond good enough. For more than a decade, we’ve committed to upholding the highest standards of patient safety and quality.

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Automated, Always-Accurate Compliance Intelligence to Build a Safer Healthcare

We are challenging compliance leaders across the healthcare ecosystem to uphold the highest standards in compliance monitoring. The result? A safer healthcare for all patients.

Distributed Compliance Creates Risk and Administrative Complexity

Changing regulations make it hard to maintain compliance
Healthcare is constantly changing when it comes to legislation and auditing requirements. We help compliance professionals grow and succeed with advanced reporting solutions and free educational resources.
Operational compliance risk can be tough to identify
How are you mapping the risks within your organization and keeping each facility accountable? Learn how to create a system of checks and balances.
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Reduce Your Risk with a Trusted, Secure Solution

Ongoing, continuous OIG exclusion list monitoring
From the moment we turn on monitoring, we continuously screen your employees, providers, and vendors across the OIG LEIE, SAM/GSA, and State Medicaid exclusion lists to reduce your risk. Never miss a primary source list update, a new hire added to your organization, or anything in between.
Monitor licenses, certifications, and registrations in one platform
We provide one monitoring platform to manage, monitor, and verify every type of healthcare credential, from Physical Therapy licenses to BLS certificates and everything in between.

Realize More Effective Compliance Program Management

Population-specific workflow design
We provide actionable insights when and where you need them most, connecting the systems that power your workforce, your provider network, your ordering & referring physicians, and your vendor populations.
The new standard in compliance intelligence

Innovated for the most actionable healthcare monitoring and verification insights, our intelligence enriches both primary source data and our client’s data records with unique identifiers to catch and verify exclusions no one else can, alerting you to compliance issues you (or any of our competitors) would never otherwise find.

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Thoughtfully Curated for Your Organization

One powerful monitoring and verification platform, designed with Compliance teams in mind.
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License and Credential Verifications

Our NCQA-accredited automated primary source verifications and ongoing license and credential monitoring ensure that every provider has the required credentials to serve your patients.
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OIG Exclusion List Monitoring

We deliver healthcare’s most trusted ongoing OIG LEIE, SAM.gov, and state Medicaid exclusion list monitoring.

“By using ProviderTrust, it has eliminated all of the manual work that we have to do, but it's also given us peace of mind that we're not going to have the government knocking on our door because ProviderTrust is going to make sure that we have all the tools we need to function and do our job effectively.”

Anita Tipton

Sr. Compliance Specialist

Innovated for intelligence. Handcrafted for humans.

Data Security

Ensure SOC II and NCQA-certified security standards and controls.

Primary Source Verification

Verify every license and credential for all providers directly at the primary source.

Reporting and Documentation

Always be audit-ready with primary source documentation for every provider.

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