Manage Vendor Compliance with Ease

Spend less time tracking vendors and more time meeting your organization’s complex operational needs by trusting the industry’s most effective vendor compliance partner. 

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Visualize the Complete Profile of Compliance and Payment Eligibility for Every Vendor

Our approach to compliance intelligence and monitoring delivers always-accurate data insights about the vendors in your networks at the moments you need them most.

Consolidate Data from Multiple Sources across Your Organization

Organize and and centralize your vendor data
Vendor and subcontractor data is often decentralized, scattered in different systems across your organization. Easily centralize your data for greater vendor compliance efficiency.
Effortless, compliant vendor onboarding
Start every new vendor relationship fully compliant and fraud-free. Standardize and simplify your vendor onboarding workflow with compliance and data accuracy in mind.
A woman looking at a computer and a dashboard showing monitoring status

Monitor and Manage Your Vendors All in One Place

Fully automated compliance monitoring for vendors
From the moment we turn on monitoring, we continuously screen your vendors to ensure we reduce your risk. Say goodbye to one-time batch uploads and point-in-time checks.
Manage and monitor vendors, owners, and employees of vendors all in one place
We provide one monitoring platform to manage, monitor, and verify every type of healthcare vendor, from medical device companies to catering companies and everything in between.

Ensure Payment Integrity in Your Vendor Compliance Program

Integrate a compliance status into your payments workflow
Seamlessly integrate a compliance status into your payments workflow, ensuring every check you cut is going to a vendor that meets all federal and state compliance requirements.
Ensure every vendor invoice is being paid to a fraud-free organization
Integrating compliance into your payment workflows ensures every payment protects the integrity of Medicare and Medicaid funding in accordance with CMS regulations.
A dashboard portraying vendor management

Thoughtfully Curated for Your Organization

One powerful monitoring and verification platform, designed with Procurement in mind.
Illustration of a vendor dashboard showing all of the different vendors and statuses of them

Comprehensive Vendor Compliance

Raise the bar on vendor compliance with a solution that elevates your vendor data and monitoring practices above the industry average to fight persistent fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare ecosystem.
Illustration of an employee monitoring dashboard

Federal and State Exclusion List Monitoring

Leverage the industry’s leading dataset for fully automated, ongoing exclusion monitoring of your entire workforce.

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