The Industry’s Highest Standards for Vendor Compliance

Raise the bar on vendor compliance with a solution that elevates your vendor data and monitoring practices above the industry average to fight persistent fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare ecosystem.
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360-Degree Vendor Compliance Oversight

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Setting a New Gold Standard for Vendor Compliance

Vendors make up a crucial segment of the healthcare ecosystem, and yet vendor compliance remains a black hole for many healthcare organizations. Our comprehensive vendor compliance solution shines a light on this hard-to-monitor population, continuously checking federal and state exclusion lists for vendor entities, owners, or employees that your organization engages.

Our strategic approach includes annual vendor data collection and ongoing vendor owner and employee monitoring, plus verification of data integrity and continued maintenance to prevent stale data. We offer bi-directional financial benefits including resource support for implementation, so this step toward eradicating fraud, waste, and abuse can also help protect your bottom line.

What We Deliver:

Tearing Down The Corporate Veil:

How Vendor Data Integrity Leads to 360-Degree Vendor Compliance

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Annual Vendor Data Collection

Let us handle the vendor outreach
You provide the list of eligible vendors, and we’ll do the rest. We conduct all vendor outreach at no extra cost. Each vendor pays an annual fee of $55 to offset the cost of monitoring so that it doesn’t hit your bottom line.
Guaranteed vendor participation
Our data collection model ensures vendor participation through integration of compliance status within your AP system—meaning that your eligible contracted vendors must meet compliance standards in order to receive payment from you. We’ll partner with you to make this transition seamless.
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Ongoing Vendor Owner and Employee Monitoring

Uphold data integrity
We don’t just collect data—we validate it. Our strategy upholds the highest standards of data accessibility, accuracy, and completeness, ensuring your vendor network data never goes stale.
Comprehensive coverage for your full vendor population
The OIG recommends monitoring your vendor population in the same way as you would your own employees. We continuously monitor vendor entities, vendor owners, and vendor employees so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Ensure Better Supply Chain Management

Only contract with eligible vendors
Make vendor compliance a key component of contracting, so you’ll have the visibility you need before doing business. Our custom vendor onboarding and approval workflows ensure only eligible vendors receive payment.
Directly integrate with your current AP system
Connect compliance insights directly with your current AP system for minimal infrastructure impact and continuous audit-readiness. Access and visualize vendor data in real time with concise dashboards and reports.
For Compliance Leaders

Impact Compliance™

Together, we can impact change.

Introducing the industry’s highest standards in healthcare compliance monitoring. This comprehensive program provides organizations across the care continuum with a roadmap to implement above-average compliance practices by:

  • Addressing key population monitoring gaps
  • Prioritizing financial efficiencies
  • Upholding community healthcare and success
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“Not only has ProviderTrust saved us countless hours of unnecessary work and delivered peace of mind that no exclusions will be missed, but their solution is also the most polished one that we work with and we are frequently complimented on how organized our credentialing files and programs are.”

Maxwell Tucker

Sr. Manager of Credentialing and Delegation Oversight

“Most healthcare companies know how to check the OIG website, but checking all the state Medicaid sites, SSDMF, and all other sources is where ProviderTrust really provides us a great service.”

Bill Priest

Chief Compliance Officer

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