The Future of Compliance is Intelligently Connected

Healthcare’s most powerful APIs and integrations for instant verification across your workflows – for exclusions, licenses, credentials, and more.

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An API to Unlock Our Entire Data Platform




API for Developers

The future of enterprise compliance monitoring is instant access to intelligence in support of critical workflow decisions. Our API integrates seamlessly into your workflows and applications in real-time to improve your efficiency, reduce your risk, and keep your patients safe.

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“When we were going from manual to having an integration and having an API exchange set up, my IT department found working with the ProviderTrust IT resources just fantastic. They were speaking the same language; they were able to very quickly help us set up the file exchange…It was a game changer.”

Pilar Jenkins
VP of Human Resources
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First Instant, Then Ongoing

Instantly verify an individual provider’s status or credentials in any current workflow. Then, automatically and continuously monitor that provider as part of your network, all without any manual intervention or uploads.
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“They're not a company that wants to give you a run-of-the-mill product. Their product is designed so that if they have to meet special needs for your company, it does that and that's wonderful.”

Anita Tipton
Sr. Compliance Specialist

Bi-directional SFTP Integrations for Optimal Workflows

Our secure SFTP integrations provide connectivity directly to your HRIS system for optimal employee, vendor, and provider network monitoring in the desired workflow.

“You are the best organized service that we use. I have no complaints or requested changes because ProviderTrust has set the bar higher than any other service or database that we currently use.”

Maxwell Tucker
Sr. Manager of Credentialing and Delegation Oversight
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Integrate with Industry-Leading Applications

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Start integrating our compliance intelligence.

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