Compliance Monitoring Products

We deliver healthcare’s most trusted ongoing exclusion list monitoring across OIG LEIE, GSA, state Medicaid lists, and more as well as license and credential verification to ensure compliance for your entire network.

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Our Products for Provider Organizations

Federal & State Exclusion List Monitoring

Leverage the industry’s leading dataset for fully automated, ongoing exclusion monitoring of your licensed and non-licensed employees, ordering and referring physicians, contracted physicians, and vendor entities.

License & Credential Verification

Receive the industry’s most accurate automated license and credential verifications directly within your system of record. We deliver results you can trust at exactly the right frequency to prevent eligibility gaps.

Comprehensive Vendor Compliance

Achieve the industry’s highest vendor compliance standards through our comprehensive vendor data collection process that addresses one of the most difficult populations to monitor: vendor entities, vendor owners, and vendor employees.

It’s time to simplify healthcare compliance.

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