How We Serve Provider Organizations

ProviderTrust delivers industry-leading data for license verification and OIG exclusion list monitoring across the healthcare continuum. We catch and prevent more issues than any other vendor through proprietary enhanced primary source data, providing your organization with one single source of truth.

Illustration of an employee monitoring dashboard

A Better Way to Verify Eligibility

Data integrity

Simplify your processes with a single source of truth that contains the most accurate data in the industry, delivered directly within your existing workflows.

Operational efficiency
Automate complex processes and remove the manual burden of potential matches, scaling administrative tasks without stretching internal resources.
Risk reduction

Stay covered with ongoing monitoring and primary source verification for employees, providers, and vendors, keeping pace with a shifting regulatory environment.

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Our Provider Use Cases

Human Resources

Automate workflows and simplify audit-readiness with ongoing license and credential verification from ProviderTrust.

Illustration of a vendor in front of a dashboard


Spend less time tracking vendors and more time meeting your organization’s operational needs by trusting the industry’s most effective vendor compliance partner.

Provider Compliance

Our compliance monitoring platform goes beyond good enough, with primary source verification and exact-match results that uphold the highest standards of data integrity.

It’s time to simplify healthcare compliance.

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