The Most Reliable Way to Search for Exclusions

ExclusionCheck™️ is healthcare’s most efficient and affordable software application for screening thousands of records against all exclusion lists, instantly.

"Using ExclusionCheck has been a game-changer for us. It’s so easy to upload a list of our providers, instantly search all state & federal exclusion lists, and get back results immediately."

Rachel D.

Compliance Manager

Solutions for Your:

Intelligent, More Effective Exclusion Screening

A system designed for flexibility and scale, ExclusionCheck™️ is healthcare’s best tool for simple, effective, and efficient exclusion searching across every state and federal list. We’ve enhanced primary source data to find exclusion matches that no one else can find, delivering the industry’s most trusted data for exclusions.

Search One Record or Thousands, Instantly

Used by small clinics, single hospitals, large health systems, and some of the nation’s largest health plans, ExclusionCheck™️ is the industry’s most efficient solution for instant searching across all state and federal exclusion lists. Include the sources you need, like OFAC, Medicare Opt Out, or SSDMF, in your search. Search a single record or multiple (batch upload) and see immediate results.
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A Simple Search Experience

Searching for exclusions is easy in ExclusionCheck™️. We’ve made it simple to upload a spreadsheet, map your fields to the appropriate search type, and submit a file to be instantly searched. For each record searched, our custom algorithms will determine whether any possible matches exist for the client to quickly verify, or if searching by a unique identifier such as NPI, deliver exact-matches of exclusion results. ExclusionCheck™️ will also search for possible nicknames, normalizing common titles and suffixes, dividing and reversing hyphenated names, and much more.

Interactive Search for One-Off Exclusions

Search by name, company, or NPI in an interactive search user experience designed for simplicity with actionable, instant results directly from every federal and state primary source. Quickly search for a new employee candidate, a new contracted vendor, or a new provider when it matters most in your workflow.


Search History and Reporting for Audits

Batch search history and audit reports allow every client to document all exclusion searches conducted in ExclusionCheck™️, all records cleared with non-matches, original batch files submitted (with timestamp) and any notes associated with a record or file searched. Breathe easy knowing ExclusionCheck™️’s documentation will satisfy any auditor requirements.

Seamless API Integration with Your Current Systems

Our API integrates seamlessly to your existing workflows and applications to add instant exclusion screening to any part of your organization’s business processes.

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For Developers

Seamless Integrations Designed to Scale

Connect vital compliance intelligence to the moments and workflows you need it most.

  • An API for instant validation and verifications
  • Explore bi-directional integrations via SFTP

Integrate across Your Applications

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It's time to simplify your exclusion monitoring.

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