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Passport™️ is healthcare’s leading software application for continuous employee monitoring, thoughtfully designed to expertly meet the needs of HR and Compliance teams of all sizes and complexities.

"Passport has been the teammate we’ve come to rely on for total compliance across our health system. It’s such a powerful engine that makes exclusion checks and licensure monitoring simple, easy, and manageable."

Misty B.

Sr. Compliance Specialist

Solutions for Your:

Continuous, Verified Healthcare License Monitoring

Passport automates ongoing license and certification monitoring and verification for your providers and employees, with screenshots from the primary source delivered at the frequency you need, from quarterly up to daily. We’ll make sure you never miss an expiration or renewal, even when the primary source changes.

Fully Automated, Ongoing Exclusion List Monitoring

Our exclusion monitoring solution is fully automated, screening your employees, providers, and vendors against every state and federal exclusion source continuously. Our exclusion monitoring verifies any false-positives for you, saving your team countless hours spent on tedious, manual work.
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Customize Your Organization's Dashboard Views

Map your organization’s hierarchy and departmental reporting needs and set up dynamic facility or unit mapping. Visualize an overview of your entire organization’s compliance performance metrics and use filters to view specific metrics by facility, department, line of business, geographic region, or reporting line. Be alerted in real-time if any issues need attention.

Manage Job-Specific Credentials Needed For Every Job Title

Define the job-specific credentials needed for every position at your organization. We’ll create a custom job requirements policy within our application that makes sure every provider has the exact credentials you need to deliver care up to your standards.


Download Real-Time Audit Reports and Track Workflows

We’ve designed Passport to be a reliable and intuitive audit tool for your organization when you need it most. Easily download workflow documentation and individual or entire network reports with customizable date ranges and criteria. Rest assured that you’ll always have our Client Success team to assist you in any situation.

Ensure NCQA-certified, Secure Primary Source Verification

We’re committed to upholding the highest standards of data security and patient safety. Our monitoring platform is SOC II and NCQA-certified, helping you meet Joint Commission requirements with ease.
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For Developers

Seamless Integrations Designed to Scale

Connect vital compliance intelligence to the moments and workflows you need it most.

  • An API for instant validation and verifications
  • Explore bi-directional integrations via SFTP for HRIS workflows

Integrate across Your Applications

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Simplify your employee and provider monitoring with Passport™️.

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