Achieve Peace of Mind with Always-Accurate Exclusion Monitoring

Reduce operational complexity and financial risk through the industry’s top standard in compliance intelligence, accelerating speed to accuracy through automation and workflow integrations.

ProviderTrust platform finding a match for an excluded Provider
"In a short period of time, ProviderTrust’s guidance and expertise has simplified our day-to-day operations and improved our overall business, but more importantly, it’s allowed us to focus on achieving our mission ‘To Improve the Oral Health of All.'"

Liza Morris

Provider Operations Manager

Reimagine Exclusion Monitoring to Empower Your Team's Success

Human error in manual federal and state exclusion checks is bound to occur. But together, we can do better. Our intelligent, one-platform approach combines and enriches all the data you need into one ongoing monitoring solution.

Go Beyond Good Enough

Leverage enriched data to reduce risk and quickly identify fraud

There’s value in peace of mind. We enrich primary source data with unique identifiers to catch and verify issues no one else can. With more robust intelligence at your fingertips, your teams can meet and exceed audit and survey requirements with the click of a button.

Get complete intelligence on your provider networks
Combine our industry-leading OIG and Medicaid exclusions with license monitoring, NPI validation, DEA registration, CMS ordering and referring, Medicare Opt Out, Social Security Death Master, and more. Customize those requirements by network participation.
windows showing different populations being monitored
Healthcare provider shown as compliant through custom reporting and alert history

Ensure Compliance in a Shifting Regulatory Environment

Changing regulations make it hard to maintain compliance
Healthcare is constantly changing when it comes to legislation and auditing requirements. We help compliance professionals grow and succeed with advanced reporting solutions and free education resources.
Fines and penalties create a devastating effect on your organization
Civil fines and penalties can be assessed by the OIG with more than $20,000 per each item claimed or services provided. Avoid fines and penalties altogether through more comprehensive monitoring.

Reduce Risk through Improved Workflows and Efficiencies

The new standard in compliance intelligence

Innovated for the most actionable healthcare monitoring and verification insights, our intelligence enriches both primary source data and our client’s data records with unique identifiers to catch and verify exclusions no one else can, alerting you to compliance issues you (or any of our competitors) would never otherwise find.

Connect your system of record via seamless and secure integrations
We’ve designed our provider network monitoring to deliver fully verified eligibility alerts weeks (or months) before any other solution. Get your provider insights in your system of record through our seamless and secure API integrations.
Healthcare providers proved compliant

Thoughtfully Curated for Your Organization

One powerful monitoring and verification platform, designed with Compliance and Payers in mind.
ProviderTrust's platform for provider network monitoring

Provider Network Monitoring

We deliver healthcare’s most comprehensive compliance intelligence platform for provider eligibility and continuous compliance.
Provider's exclusion status shown as clear, cross checked by different primary sources

OIG Exclusion List Monitoring

We deliver healthcare’s most trusted ongoing OIG LEIE,, and state Medicaid exclusion list monitoring.

Innovated for intelligence. Handcrafted for humans.

Data Security

Ensure SOC II and NCQA-certified security standards and controls.

Primary Source Verification

Verify every license and credential for all provider directly at the primary source.

Reporting and Documentation

Always be audit-ready with primary source documentation for every provider.

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