The Changing Landscape of Credential Verification

November 8, 2023

How Automated, Always-Accurate Provider Data Reduces Network Redundancies & Saves Time

With new regulations and a changing payer demographic—marked by health plans entering new contracts such as Medicare Advantage—the demands for credentialing support can quickly outpace an organization’s available resources. Add complicating factors, such as a new generation of pandemic-era fraud, virtual care regulations, labor shortages, financial volatility, and underlying goals surrounding care quality and equity, and the role of credentialing has ballooned into a larger organizational strategy around risk mitigation and provider data accuracy.

Yet payers are committed to overcoming these barriers: A recent ProviderTrust and Healthcare Dive survey found that 95% of health plan respondents aim to increase attention to provider data management in the next 18 to 24 months. And respondents hope technology can help.

In this 30-minute webinar, join industry leaders at ProviderTrust in a conversation about the state of the industry for provider credentialing. We’ll share the results of that survey, pairing market insights around trends, challenges, and opportunities alongside ProviderTrust perspectives that explore the current and future state of provider data within health plans.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Visibility into four key trends in provider credentialing and recommendations, including easy-to-implement action items, as your teams prepare for 2024.
  2. An industry point-of-view on best practices for provider credentialing 2024 shared by two of ProviderTrust’s healthcare thought leaders.

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