Confidence that Every Employee is Compliant

We deliver healthcare’s most trusted ongoing compliance monitoring for every employee. Keep your workforce free of bad actors while reducing risk and better connecting HR and Compliance processes.
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Reduce Risk and Empower Your Workforce with a Secure, Trusted Partner

From primary source verification to exact-match results, our compliance monitoring platform goes beyond good enough. For more than a decade, we’ve committed to upholding the highest standards of patient safety and quality.

Intelligently Connecting HR and Compliance

Distributed compliance creates administrative complexity
Partnership between HR and Compliance allows for a centralized ownership of processes. We help your team standardize and simplify the process of compliance monitoring, delivering freedom from your process to focus on your people.
An evolving healthcare landscape leads to licensure challenges
A highly mobile workforce paired with differing state regulatory requirements makes ongoing licensure verification a complicated task. We deliver license and credential verifications at the primary source to ensure your mobile workforce is always compliant across every state border.
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A Fully Customizable Solution

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Fully automated, ongoing exclusion list monitoring
Our exclusion monitoring solution is fully automated with exact-match results, screening your workforce against every state and federal exclusion source every single day. We verify any false positives for you, saving your team countless hours on tedious, manual work.
Automated, instant license verifications

Ensure always-accurate employee and provider data through automated primary source verification and ongoing license and credential monitoring. Never miss an expiration or renewal, even when the primary source changes, and maintain that every employee or provider has the required credentials to serve your patients.

State Board Disciplinary Actions

Monitor disciplinary actions and board actions issued across every state.

State Abuse Registries

Monitor all state abuse registries to keep your vulnerable patient populations safe.

CVO Primary Source Verification

Ensure NCQA-certified primary source verification controls.

“What we've got right now is a place that we can go at any time and look at a point-in-time verification for an employee since ProviderTrust does this quarterly on top of license renewal. I'm able to look at any given time and see a clean PSV, and I'm able to pull that and put it into an employee's file and not stress out because the website for the state is not working today. We've not had issues with things not getting verified.”

Suzi Postma

HR Systems Coordinator

“We're in healthcare, and there's high turnover. You don't want to be checking people who aren't here anymore, and you want to make sure you're checking the right people. So that's, again, a comfort to me that we're doing what we're supposed to be doing. At least, what I know of ProviderTrust, that's your focus, and that's what you do. It's not just one of 12 other service lines that someone's trying to sell me. I feel like ProviderTrust has a real focus on providing a cost-effective and efficient service to its clients by concentrating on exclusion checks. Their customer service is excellent!”

Bill Priest

Chief Compliance Officer

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