Full Profile Monitoring of Your Provider Network

We deliver healthcare’s most comprehensive compliance intelligence platform for provider eligibility and continuous compliance, automatically connecting the dots of every provider in your network.

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Proactive Eligibility Monitoring Starts with Data Integrity

Our approach to eligibility monitoring delivers one source of truth on your providers, offering centralized and always-accurate data insights about the people and entities in your networks.

Say Goodbye to Stop Gaps and Paper Trails

Stop ineligible claims and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse
Stop sophisticated bad actors in their tracks. Our compliance monitoring platform identifies eligibility issues at the first sign of a problem, enabling your organization to detect fraudulent providers—and ineligible claims— before it’s too late.
Reduce administrative complexity across teams
As healthcare evolves, interoperability and secure data exchanges are increasingly important. Our plug-and-play solution integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and workflows, allowing for customized alerts across your organization.
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A Fully Automated and Customizable Solution

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Even better than the primary source

47% of the exclusions we find in provider networks are discovered via our monitoring intelligence. Our best-in-class exclusion monitoring screens your providers against every state and federal source every single day, ensuring we catch every exclusion as quickly as possible.

All healthcare disciplines, all 50 states
Every licensing board is unique, creating a complex monitoring challenge for organizations like yours. With varying frequencies and shifting requirements from board to board, manual verification can be risky. We ensure you never miss a license, registration, or certification deadline.

SSN Death Master File

Ongoing, automated SSN DMF monitoring

OFAC Compliance

Ongoing, automated OFAC monitoring

CVO Primary Source Verification

NCQA-certified primary source verification controls

In a short period of time, ProviderTrust’s guidance and expertise has simplified our day-to-day operations and improved our overall business, but more importantly, it’s allowed us to focus on achieving our mission ‘To Improve the Oral Health of All.'"

Liza Morris

Provider Operations Manager

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