Aligning HR & Compliance Teams in 2021


In this webinar, we outline best practices for connecting and coordinating your Compliance and HR teams, processes, and operations in this new year as we all continue to navigate COVID-19.

October 2020 OIG Work Plan Updates


October HHS OIG Work Plan updates include oversight of state MFCUs, a review of national drug control program funds, an audit of COVID-19 Uninsured Program and more.

HHS Extends Public Health Emergency

While the country prepares to extend the Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19, let’s review the latest waiver sanctions and flexibilities announced by government authorities and local healthcare providers.

August 2020 HHS OIG Work Plan Updates

August HHS OIG Work Plan updates include MAO risk assessments, reports on nursing home safety and emergency preparedness, COVID-19 CARES Act funding audits, and more.