A Safer Healthcare for LGBTQ+ Americans


We do our best to advocate for the patients that our company strives to protect every day as often as we can: those that are the most vulnerable. This month, we’re shining a light on the disparities in healthcare treatment and outcomes the LGBTQ+ community continues to face.

Closing the Maternal Health Gap with Homeland Heart

Pregnant woman of color laying on couch holding her belly

In this conversation with Kristin Mejia-Greene, founder of Homeland Heart & Wellness Collective, we discuss maternal health and mortality, how doulas can prove a powerful advocate within care teams, and how her organization Homeland Heart is working to provide better care for Black mothers in Nashville.

July 2020 HHS OIG Work Plan Updates


July HHS OIG Work Plan updates include concerns over provider screening and background checks during the pandemic, reviews on COVID-19 data on healthcare disparities and equity for minorities, an audit of federal ventilator contracts, and more.