OIG Issues Statement on Telehealth: What You Need to Know

In 2020, telehealth became a vital lifeline for both providers and patients. In this post, we recap the recent statement by HHS-OIG and offer a few tips for ensuring your telehealth services uphold program integrity and protect patients.

Top Compliance & Security Risks in Telehealth

woman on telehealth call with doctor

Expanding telehealth offerings presents potential liabilities concerning cybersecurity, data, and compliance risks. As the regulations governing telehealth still remain to be relaxed, now is the time to be vigilant regarding various telehealth risks.

HHS Extends Public Health Emergency

While the country prepares to extend the Public Health Emergency due to COVID-19, let’s review the latest waiver sanctions and flexibilities announced by government authorities and local healthcare providers.

July 2020 HHS OIG Work Plan Updates

July HHS OIG Work Plan updates include concerns over provider screening and background checks during the pandemic, reviews on COVID-19 data on healthcare disparities and equity for minorities, an audit of federal ventilator contracts, and more.

Vendor Monitoring Best Practices Checklist

3 Ways a Healthcare Compliance Officer Makes Organizations Healthier

In this checklist, we explain best practices for your vendor monitoring and data collection processes and provide a simple way for you to evaluate your current state.