Evolution in Medicaid Managed Care


In this conversation with data and policy analyst Allan Baumgarten, we discuss the key differentiating areas of procurement, contracting, and oversight, and where these may be headed.

October 2020 OIG Work Plan Updates


October HHS OIG Work Plan updates include oversight of state MFCUs, a review of national drug control program funds, an audit of COVID-19 Uninsured Program and more.

How Smarter Provider Oversight Drives Efficiency

In this eBook, we explore a new approach to provider eligibility. A smarter approach to oversight empowers more complete provider network data and better, faster decisions to protect revenue and member safety.

August 2020 HHS OIG Work Plan Updates

August HHS OIG Work Plan updates include MAO risk assessments, reports on nursing home safety and emergency preparedness, COVID-19 CARES Act funding audits, and more.