PT Team Member Spotlight: Meet Rachana

Rachana Dighe

Meet Rachana! Rachana Dighe is the Quality Engineering Manager. She started her career with us in 2022 and has continued to be a valued team member here at ProviderTrust!

Tell us about yourself and what you do for ProviderTrust.

 I first moved to the US in 2006 from India with my husband for this work purpose. Since then, we have called Tennessee home. We live here with our 2 kids and a golden retriever. I enjoy traveling, cooking, crocheting, and a new-found liking for vegetable gardening. At ProviderTrust, I manage a group of very talented folks who have a keen eye for Quality Assurance, ensuring high standards for delivery across our applications.

What has your professional journey looked like over the years?

After completing my Master’s in Computer Management, I landed my first job in information technology. I got a chance to travel to the United Kingdom on a job assignment and that was the best experience I had very early on in my career. In the last few years, I got an opportunity to learn automation tools and define test strategies and processes that help build a reliable platform.

How have womens’ positions in the workforce changed since you began your career?

We are seeing an increasing number of women in critical roles across the industry. They are being recognized as equals in the workforce and appreciated for their skills, talent, and experience. It is both empowering and encouraging to see women being seen as leaders, bringing their diversified perspectives to the workforce.

Who has inspired you professionally or personally?

The most influential person in my life has been my mother. She has taught me perseverance, patience, and faith in what one believes. To be humble and thankful for what you have, and to be compassionate to people around you. My family, especially my husband Amit Dighe, has been the strongest support pillar in my professional growth.

Recently I viewed an interview with Indra Nooyi, former CEO of Pepsi Co., in which she talks about how it takes a “collective” to allow women to work and have families. This seemed so relatable to every working woman. The interview explored the guilt that working women have when trying to pursue career advancement. She emphasizes having a good support system in place for the professional and personal ecosystem to work. Challenging yourself to improvise on your day-to-day job, may that be at work or at home, is important to test your limits and where you can go!

How have you helped fellow women advance in the workplace?

Women are great multi-taskers. It’s somehow an inborn talent – but this sometimes takes a toll on mental health and general well-being. I tend to reach out to someone who is experiencing burnout and trying to juggle balancing professional and personal priorities. I let them know I am here to help, maybe sometimes just by being a good listener, providing advice on things that worked well for me, and talking about things I learned from my experiences.

What words of wisdom would you offer to young women looking to further their careers?

I read a quote from Ginni Rometty, former chairman, president, and CEO of IBM recently and it completely resonates with my recent career decisions:

“Be prepared to spot growth opportunities when they present themselves—because they are the key learning opportunities. You’ll know because they make you uncomfortable, and your initial impulse may be that you’re not ready. But remember: growth and comfort never co-exist.”

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