Blog Update: How to Search for an Individual Using Their Social Security Number

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Several clients reached out to us, noting that the website had a different look due to a recent overhaul of the site. Although the recent updates were made to help increase efficiency, many of our clients were having trouble navigating the changes without some help. Luckily, our Data and Monitoring Team was already on it, so they put together a one-pager with some helpful tips and tricks on navigating the new site. If you’re one of the compliance professionals that’s been struggling with the recent updates, read on for tips on how to search for an excluded individual using their Social Security number. 

New Navigation Instructions

From the SAM homepage, click on the Exclusions hyperlink, which will bring to you a new page. 

Next, click on the Advanced Search hyperlink

And then, click on More Filters. 

Check the Excluded Individuals box and click Update. 

Then, under Keywords, Excluded Individuals will appear as an option. Open the dropdown menu by clicking the arrow next to Excluded Individuals and you can search for an individual using their Social Security number. 

Currently, we are working on how to search for a business using its Employer Identification Number. Updated navigation instructions will be coming soon!

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