Overcoming Compliance Challenges within Academic Health Systems

June 18, 2024

A Fireside Chat with Cynthia Holland of USA Health

Donna Thiel, ProviderTrust’s Chief Compliance Officer, and Cynthia Holland, Director of Billing Compliance at the University of South Alabama (USA) Health, discuss the compliance challenges facing academic health systems and how Holland and her team engaged ProviderTrust to tackle them.

USA Health is the only academic health system along the Upper Gulf Coast of Alabama. The organization employs more than 7,200 clinical and nonclinical staff members, including some 180 academic physicians who both treat patients and teach rising medical doctors.

For Holland, maintaining compliance was of paramount importance. But with the unique challenge of monitoring individuals who funnel from the academic system into USA Health’s provider setting, she needed to leverage an industry expert. After evaluating several vendors, Holland eventually chose ProviderTrust to architect a comprehensive compliance program that connects the dots between systems and departments.

Takeaways for attendees:

  • An understanding of current compliance challenges facing academic health systems
  • In-depth analysis and Q&A with presenters who have extensive industry knowledge
  • PDF client case study of an academic health system success story

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