Update on the Arizona Exclusion List


In April 2013, the Arizona Exclusion List became the 24th state exclusion list established in the U.S. After a good run, in January 2021, the state of Arizona stopped publishing their own exclusion list.

In this post, we’ll explain what we know about the Arizona exclusion list and how to adapt your screening processes in light of its discontinuance.

How does this affect my list of exclusion monitoring sources?

With the Arizona Exclusion List acting as a valuable resource in state exclusion monitoring, Arizona continues to send its exclusions to the Office of Inspector General via the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

What did we know about the Arizona Exclusion List?

Our sources tell us that the last time the Arizona Exclusion List was updated was in April 2016. At that time, there were 36 excluded providers on the list. Of those 36 excluded providers, it is unknown how many transitioned to the OIG List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE).

What should I do if I'm in Arizona?

Because the old list no longer exists, those searching for excluded providers and entities should search the OIG LEIE and the System for Award Management ( If you should have any questions, you can contact Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Systems (AHCCCS) by email at 

Importance of Monitoring Every State and Federal Exclusion List

Industry best practice is to search all federal and state exclusion lists, including the OIG-LEIE and, your state’s Medicaid exclusion list, and all other state exclusion lists. At minimum, organizations must check for exclusions on a monthly frequency. Based on a primary source variability, ProviderTrust recommends a more frequent cadence. This best-in-class solution ensures that no individual or entity across every population is excluded at any point in time.

"I'm a ProviderTrust client–how will this change my monitoring experience?"

ProviderTrust’s exclusion monitoring is fully automated, screening employees, providers, and vendors against every available state and federal exclusion source every day. Every individual or entity is screened across the OIG LEIE,, and all state Medicaid exclusion lists continuously to ensure every exclusion is caught as quickly as possible.

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