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We help Payers and PBMs fight fraud and protect revenue.

We find provider network inaccuracies and fraud you can’t, ensuring continuous eligibility and generating cost savings for your government lines of business.

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Protect Revenue and Drive Cost Savings

We empower plans to stop payment on ineligible claims before you lose revenue. Get powerful provider eligibility insights and immediate alerts when and where your teams need them.

Improve Business Process Efficiency

Our always-accurate data monitoring and flexible API/SSO integrations enable any team to access provider eligibility statuses and reports, without requiring overhaul of your current systems. Create collaboration and process efficiency for stakeholders across your organization, from provider enrollment and credentialing to provider network management, compliance, and payment integrity.

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Ensure Enterprise Compliance

Empower a smarter FWA program in your government programs. Create your organization’s provider eligibility standards, customize by LOB or geography, and know as soon as a provider’s status changes. Answer any audit request with custom and pre-configured reports.

Power Data Transparency

Our enriched provider data allows our technology to catch more eligibility issues faster than any other solution, for participating and non-par populations, pharmacists, and PICs. We offer a holistic model that delivers complete provider profiles with always-accurate statuses and historical reporting.
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Meet Dash, the smarter monitoring solution for payers.

Dash is the customizable, ongoing compliance monitoring solution for your par and non-par networks.

Say hello to Dash.

Reduce costs and stop ineligible claims before they’re paid.

Spot FWA as quickly as possible through continuous provider monitoring and claims integration.

Put insights and alerts where you need them with API and SSO integrations.

Run ad hoc verifications and easily move that provider to ongoing monitoring.

Top Seven Monitoring Challenges for Health Plans

Smart, integrated monitoring is the key to mitigating risk within provider networks. As health plans transition to ongoing eligibility monitoring, these are the top challenges they face.

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