Ahead of the Curve: How Comprehensive Vendor Monitoring Mitigates Risk

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 | 10am CST

In this webinar on vendor exclusion monitoring, Christopher Redhage, co-founder of ProviderTrust, and Katy Harvey, Vice President of Provider Segment, explore the crucial responsibility of healthcare organizations to monitor vendors and vendor business owners to meet the strict regulations set by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for federal and state exclusion monitoring. We share best practices and strategies for effective vendor exclusion monitoring and highlight the role of technology in streamlining the monitoring process.

Whether you are a compliance officer, healthcare executive, or risk manager, this webinar equips you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the intricate landscape of vendor exclusion monitoring. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and learn how your vendor population could be putting your healthcare organization at risk.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Understanding the Current and Future State of Vendor Monitoring: An overview of the current landscape of vendor exclusion monitoring and the anticipated future developments and trends in regulations
  2. Strategies for Effective Vendor Exclusion Monitoring: Best practices and strategies for implementing an efficient and comprehensive vendor exclusion monitoring program. Attendees will learn how to navigate the challenges associated with monitoring vendors and vendor business owners, ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations.
  3. Importance of Technology in Streamlining Vendor Monitoring: We will highlight the role of technology in simplifying and automating the vendor monitoring process and discuss the innovative solutions and tools that can help healthcare organizations streamline their monitoring efforts, saving time and resources while maintaining compliance.
  4. Implications and Consequences of Non-Compliance: Understanding the potential consequences of non-compliance. An overview of risks associated with failing to effectively monitor vendors and vendor business owners. Attendees will gain insights into the implications of non-compliance and the importance of maintaining a robust monitoring system.

Learn how to automate your vendor monitoring

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