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The ProviderTrust team and solutions have been amazing partners to work with. They help our teams tremendously to make sure our clinical operations are always in compliance across every clinic facility and every individual provider as we’ve grown.

Hallie C., Director of Clinical Services & Strategic Initiatives

Spend less time onboarding vendors and more time meeting your organization’s complex needs.

Navigating the challenging landscape of healthcare sourcing is difficult.

Vendor onboarding is tedious.

It’s hard to manually collect all the information your organization needs from new vendors. We design a custom workflow for your vendor onboarding to streamline and automate your process.

Data is scattered across multiple systems.

With different departments storing vendor data in their own systems, how can you be sure which is the source of truth? We centralize all your vendor data and feed it back into your existing systems.

Vendor data is constantly changing.

From ownership attestations to contact information, maintaining key business data for your vendors is crucial, but about 20% of this data changes every year. Our solution prompts your vendors to verify and update their information regularly–without requiring any work from your team.

Sourcing new vendors requires too many resources.

New vendor selection is time-intensive and it’s hard to verify trustworthiness. We created a place to connect healthcare procurement with compliant and trustworthy vendors: the VendorProof Marketplace.

Say hello to VendorProof.

Get the full picture of every vendor in your network.

Let your vendors submit their information directly and never chase down a W9 again.

Be confident that all your vendors are compliant with our industry-leading monitoring.

Receive updates from every vendor every year, without straining your team.

Six Tips for Navigating Continuous Change

As organizations work to adapt to a quickly changing market, some processes and behaviors will be altered for the long term, and some will continue to adapt. Get the tip sheet and learn how to help your procurement department adjust to continued change.

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Healthcare procurement is evolving. Your vendor onboarding process should, too.