Optimize NCQA-Certified Primary Source Verifications

We monitor and verify compliance issues directly at the primary source across the healthcare ecosystem.

illustration of providertrust platform performing verifications across multiple organizations

Compliance Intelligence and Monitoring that Goes Beyond Good Enough




Navigate Primary Sources with Ease

Access screenshots of licenses directly from the primary source

Screenshots of the artifact are delivered directly from the primary source at the frequency you need, from quarterly to as often as daily. Access your verification history at any moment for any provider.

Machine-driven algorithms paired with human governance

Leverage automation but include human governance and verification when automation isn’t ideal or possible – that’s our formula.

image of a provider's license from the primary source alongside an illustration of it in our platform
illustration of providertrust platform's ability to manage requirements via organization

A Monitoring and Verification Infrastructure Designed to Scale

Monitor licenses, certifications, and registrations in one platform

One monitoring platform to manage, monitor, and verify every type of healthcare credential, from Physical Therapy licenses to BLS certificates and everything in between.

License and credential verifications designed to scale

Our NCQA-accredited continuous compliance monitoring and primary source verification ensures that every provider has the required credentials to serve your patients.

Reduce Your Risk with a Trusted, Secure Solution

Ensure NCQA-certified, secure primary source verification

We’re committed to upholding the highest standards of data security and patient safety. Our monitoring platform is SOC II and NCQA-certified, helping you meet Joint Commission requirements with ease.

Adopt a new standard in compliance intelligence

Innovated for the most actionable healthcare monitoring and verification insights, our intelligence enriches both primary source data and our client’s data records with unique identifiers to catch and verify exclusions no one else can, alerting you to compliance issues you (or any of our competitors) would never otherwise find.

Illustration of cleared provider with a shield
ProviderTrust for Partners

A New Wave of Connectivity is Here

Open new revenue streams to grow your business through strategic integration of healthcare’s leader in Compliance Intelligence.
“It's a real problem if you have an excluded individual on your workforce or an excluded entity or contractor as a vendor. It's comforting to know that I can confidently report to the Board Compliance Committee that we are doing everything we are supposed to be doing to make sure we are not employing or contracting with excluded individuals or entities. ProviderTrust's services are of high value to us.”

Bill Priest

Chief Compliance Officer

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