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License Monitoring FAQs

There are well over 80 healthcare disciplines that require a license or certification to perform care. Each provider’s license or certification must be verified and updated according to each professional state licensing board or authorized board of issuance. Healthcare organizations must confirm that each license is up-to-date and matches the provider’s identity.

Healthcare license and certification monitoring can be complicated for most healthcare organizations because of the amount of data, disparity in license board data, frequency of license updates, and keeping up with so many individual statuses. Healthcare license and certification monitoring requires help from a third-party vendor like ProviderTrust.

Healthcare licenses and certifications are issued by a variety of governing authorities or boards according to each discipline. Licensed providers can range from certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, physicians, pharmacists, and many more. When it comes to types of providers who require certification, these can range from ambulance transport services, dietitians, speech pathologists, and more.

Primary source verification involves verification from the original source of a specific credential (education, training, licensure) to determine the accuracy of the qualifications of an individual healthcare practitioner.

The state licensing board is considered a primary source for licensed providers, and will be the single place to verify and monitor healthcare licenses for renewal, standing, and in some cases, any disciplinary actions taken against the individual and their license for a specific state. In order to conduct effective compliance monitoring of licenses, validation at appropriate times is essential. Healthcare organizations must ensure they are survey or audit-ready for any provider’s credentials at any given time.

Be sure to find out how each state lists the different licenses and which website holds the license database for records you may be referencing. Some states have numerous lists for each healthcare license, and some include all the licenses in just one database. This process can become very time consuming if done manually, and leaves organizations vulnerable to human error and potential risk.

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