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sanction screening

Healthcare Sanction Screening

Find out if your employees or providers have been disciplined or sanctioned by any healthcare licensing board across all 50 states. 

What Is ProviderTrust Sanction Screening?

Sanctioned individuals have committed healthcare fraud against federally funded programs. A sanctioned individual has either received probation, suspension, or revocation of a license among other things.

ProviderTrust sanction screening checks public sanction lists – such as state registries – for providers, nurses, and/or practitioners that have received a sanction.

Typically many healthcare programs do not fund a sanctioned individual, and many sanctions point to potential exclusions.

Why ProviderTrust Sanction Screening Service Is Better.

Staying current and compliant with ever-changing sanction lists and requirements challenge many compliance departments. If you work to maintain compliant in the healthcare industry, ProviderTrust sanction screening provides an efficient, real-time screening solution.

  • Search all 50 States for Healthcare Sanctions
  • Catch Newly Issued Sanctions
  • Notification Upon Matches

ProviderTrust Sanction Checks Search All 50 States for Sanctions

The ProviderTrust database includes sanction and disciplinary actions from all 50 state healthcare licensing boards. In many cases, our database includes historical disciplinary actions up to 15 years old. All sanction and disciplinary actions are maintained in the ProviderTrust database indefinitely.

Catch Newly Issued Sanctions

Our team continuously updates the ProviderTrust sanction and disciplinary database based off the frequency of released healthcare sanction data. We work hard to capture all state licensing board sanction lists on a monthly basis (many on a more frequent basis).

Instant Notification of Matches

When a new match is located, the client representative is notified via email.  Any exclusion or patient abuse matches will also result in a phone call to confirm communication.

Brandon  Dyson

"What helps us sleep at night— I will actually say that ProviderTrust is one of the solutions that helps with that. This is an area that we have to be very mindful of because of the requirements by the government placed upon us to keep all those things in check."

Brandon Dyson

VP Human Resources; Regional Care Hospital Partners

How ProviderTrust Sanction Screening Works

ProviderTrust sanctions screening checks for sanctions against public sanctions lists, looking for any employee that has received a disciplinary action or sanction.

We scan each monitored employee on a daily basis against the current ProviderTrust database for a new match. With any new possible match, our processing team reviews the notice to determine if it is an exact match.

The key to our success is all in the individual name. We take the individual name and search all 50 states on an on-going basis for possible matches. If we discover a sanction, we immediately primary source verify the license.

The ProviderTrust monitor tab records and displays the history of any possible sanction or exclusion matches in real-time.

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