ProviderTrust Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years. ProviderTrust 2010-2020.

ProviderTrust is ecstatic to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary! We are so thankful and fortunate to celebrate this milestone with our teammates, customers, and friends. Thank you for being a part of our story and journey to make healthcare smarter and safer.

The ProviderTrust Story

Michael Rosen and Chris Redhage founded ProviderTrust, Inc. in partnership with Andrew Luers in 2010 with a vision to simplify healthcare compliance. Together, they launched Passport, an automated exclusion monitoring and license verification solution for health systems.

Over the last decade, ProviderTrust has grown into a leading healthcare data and technology company, serving the nation’s top health systems, health plans, and pharmacy organizations by monitoring millions of data records across various healthcare populations.

The ProviderTrust team has grown to more than 90 employees while building a positive, creative, and adventurous culture consistently recognized as a Best Place to Work by the Nashville Business Journal, Modern Healthcare, and Inc. Magazine.

ProviderTrust is on a mission to create safer healthcare for everyone and is passionate about helping our team grow and succeed.

A smarter healthcare makes a safer healthcare.

Our promise is to create a safer healthcare for everyone.

Our passion is to create positive environments for our team to grow and succeed.

Company Values

Thoughts from Our Partners

I moved to Nashville ten years ago with a vision and a dream to create irresistible environments for people to use their talents and gifts to pursue their passions. Our core values have helped guide our company and leadership in the hard times, and have given our team something to hold onto each step of the journey.

Thank you for being a part of the story. Thank you for helping create a great company. Thank you for trusting the process and jumping into the conflict, for without conflict, there is no relationship. And without the relationships, all the pain, loss, tragedy, and hurt that we have to go through on this side of heaven is not worth it.

-Chris Redhage

A lot of life has happened over the past 10 years. Seeing ProviderTrust thrive during that time as a result of the talent and heart of its people has been among the most enjoyable and satisfying parts of my life.

Prioritizing relationships and building something meaningful together with people of shared values, while still often hard, never feels like work.  I’m fortunate to get to call Chris and Mike two of my dearest friends, and that is also true of many of you and I’m grateful for that privilege. 

Happy Anniversary all, and here’s to continuing to grow and learn and enjoy the journey with you!

-Andrew Luers

I get the most satisfaction in watching and being a part of a team with very talented people. We have several team members that are approaching 8+ years at ProviderTrust. That is incredible. As our company grows, it allows us to attract new faces and talent, as well.

I am humbled, proud, glad, and continuously hopeful and excited about the next ten years of this amazing company. Onward together!

-Michael Rosen

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