Remove Data Gaps and FWA within Your Provider Network

Ensure every provider meets credential and eligibility requirements for your government LOBs by ensuring automated data accuracy, completeness and integrity.

ProviderTrust platform showing requirements that must be met by provider
"In a short period of time, ProviderTrust’s guidance and expertise has simplified our day-to-day operations and improved our overall business, but more importantly, it’s allowed us to focus on achieving our mission ‘To Improve the Oral Health of All.'"

Liza Morris

Provider Operations Manager

One Platform, One Automated Source of Truth

Overwhelming volumes of provider data and disparate compliance sources often create hurdles that impact data integrity and accuracy. We provide one source of truth for credentialing and eligibility data, directly connecting your workflows for improved operational efficiency.

Enhance Provider Network Data across Your Organization

Leverage enriched data to reduce risk and quickly identify fraud

There’s value in peace of mind. We enrich primary source data with unique identifiers to catch and verify issues no one else can. With more robust intelligence at your fingertips, your teams can meet audit and survey requirements with the click of a button.

Complete intelligence on your provider networks
Combine our industry-leading OIG and Medicaid exclusions with license monitoring, NPI validation, DEA registration, CMS ordering and referring, Medicare Opt Out, Social Security Death Master, and more. Customize those requirements by network participation.
Woman's provider profile depicting her status as clear, double-checked against state records from Texas

Ensure Compliance in a Shifting Regulatory Environment

Maintain an up-to-date directory of eligible providers
With continuous monitoring of eligibility requirements, your team can spot provider ineligibility among your network in real-time, providing critical insights for both your par and non-par provider directories.
Defend the integrity of your government LOBs
With monitoring that is both smarter and faster, you can catch exclusions and other issues hiding in your provider network among par and non-par providers alike.

Simplify Administrative Complexities and Workflows

Get instant insight and long-term confidence
Screen one or more providers for exclusion, license, NPI issues and more, and then add them to your ongoing monitoring population. With instant insight and audit-ready historical reporting, your providers are properly credentialed without ever manually looking up a license board.
Deliver actionable provider network intelligence across your organization
Improve critical processes and break down silos. Our always-accurate provider network data is easily accessible through our software or your system of record. Our flexible integrations empower your teams to make more informed decisions faster.
Healthcare provider shown as compliant through custom reporting and alert history

Thoughtfully Curated for Your Organization

One powerful monitoring and verification platform, designed with Provider Operations in mind.
A dashboard showcasing a provider network

Provider Network Monitoring

We deliver healthcare’s most comprehensive compliance intelligence platform for provider eligibility and continuous compliance.

API Integrations

Healthcare’s most powerful APIs and integrations for instant compliance verifications across your workflows.

Innovated for intelligence. Handcrafted for humans.

Data Security

Ensure SOC II and NCQA-certified security standards and controls.

Primary Source Verification

Verify every license and credential for all providers directly at the primary source.

Reporting and Documentation

Always be audit-ready with primary source documentation for every provider.

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