The 4 Biggest Complaints About Healthcare Compliance Software


With needs differing from company to company based on size, structure, and resources, it’s eas y to see a list of common complaints pop-up.  Here are the most frequent that we witness within the industry:

1. The cost doesn’t fit in my budget

Cost is always the first factor considered when buying any product. When it comes to compliance software, cost is determined by the software/service package that you choose to implement. Products that offer compliance software, software and verification services, or healthcare compliance solutions, can certainly seem to come at a higher (retail) price then an internal do-it-yourself approach, or no approach at all.

But let’s consider what these costs really are.

When looking at compliance software and services, keep in mind the costs involved if you were to keep an internal process including employee salaries, manual labor, time, and of course the risk of human error.

These few costs alone add up and, depending on your organizations structure, can be a much higher opportunity cost compared to buying software and/or verification service.

With these costs in-mind, considering the size of your organization and what kind of product/service is most applicable to your price range is a step towards the right direction.

2. How is my HR Data going to be received and used?

Another important thing to consider when looking into buying healthcare compliance software or a verification service is the integration of your employee or provider information into a company’s system. There are a few different ways that it’s done.

The first may be buying the software component and manually inputting your employee, provider, or vendor information. Of course this comes with the responsibility of checking and verifying your providers yourself.

The second option is buying a healthcare compliance software and service package. When you buy the verification service from a company, there is an onboarding of information that takes place. Usually companies that offer this service can sync up to your company’s HR system seamlessly and extract that data.

Whatever option you choose, it’s important to keep the integration process in mind, as this translates directly into resources like time and employees.

3. I need some client support to talk to, stat!

Living in a world centered on innovation and progress certainly has its perks (i.e.). But sometimes products, and specifically the support that comes with them, can become a bit too robotic. People still appreciate human interaction. Compliance software is no different.

It’s not only important to consider customer service when buying compliance software; it’s imperative to understand what kind of customer support you would receive.

The compliance industry is one in which time is a valuable resource. So quickly receiving person-to-person customer support is something that goes a long way.

Or better yet, having an assigned account manager for your company, especially if the dreaded exclusion pops up.

4. I have all this data, but I can’t piece it together

When looking into your options of compliance software and/or verification service, understanding the product’s user-friendliness is also important. A product that inputs, verifies, and communicates that data is great, but will that information be presented to you in a succinct way?

The means by which a product interprets and communicates its data is largely critical. When information can be easily understood, it can be easily communicated throughout an organization. and not to mention, make it easier for you to see when there’s a problem on the horizon.

These are some of the biggest complaints that we see within the compliance industry, and rightly so. When searching for a product or solution that may protect your organization from hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fines, it’s necessary to consider these questions. What we seek to do is make that search easier (pun intended).

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