PT Team Member Spotlight: Meet Beth

photo of beth dyer next to other providertrust employees at our thanksgiving office celebration

Meet Beth, our local Technical Support Specialist. Beth brings a passion for security to ProviderTrust and is always on the hunt to learn more. She frequently participates in security challenges, ongoing education labs, and listens to weekly podcasts. We are so lucky to have her on our team!

Beth Dyer

Tell us about yourself and what you do for ProviderTrust.

I am a 41 year-old who decided to reinvent myself when COVID first started. What I do for ProviderTrust is bring bits and pieces of every job experience I have ever had and roll it up into one big technical ball of energy. My title is Technical Support Specialist, but I emphasize bringing the special and support to the technical side of things.

How long have you worked at ProviderTrust?

I just had my 1-year anniversary the week of Thanksgiving. It is hard to believe that much time has already passed.

What drew you to ProviderTrust as the next step in your career?

I enrolled and completed a Cybersecurity Bootcamp in 2020. During that time period, I was looking for technical jobs all across the country. ProviderTrust came up in a job search and I was intrigued by the company. I was impressed with the website, the story, and the culture. Even though the job wasn’t what I was looking for, I decided to apply just based on how fun it looked to work here.

What is your favorite memory at ProviderTrust?

Having to sing “The 12 Days of PT” with the New Hire group during the holidays. I laughed so hard.

What is something you’re proud of?

I am proud of lots of things at PT– but what I enjoy the most is being able to talk and work with people from different departments. I like being a helper and trying to figure out better ways and solutions. I really enjoy the security, risk, and compliance side of things.

What is your favorite value at ProviderTrust and why?

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open Minded. This one is my favorite because I am an adventurous person. I feel I do things creatively and I always have an open mind. This value is me.

Looking forward into 2022, what is something you’re looking forward to or hope to accomplish?

I’m looking forward to really solidifying the help desk system for both IT helpdesk and CLaS helpdesk. Being able to create tickets, tasks, track work progress, work-flows, and accountabilities is something I really want to have a hand in for these departments.

What projects are you excited about next?

All things security and risk related because that is my jam.

What does smarter and safer healthcare mean to you?

It means security and comfort. We are helping healthcare in a unique way. It’s knowing that bad actors are being held accountable and that we help the quiet heroes behind the scenes: healthcare workers. We help keep the integrity of systems for the administrative warriors.

Who in your life has inspired you lately?

I have a group text with two of my classmates from my Cybersecurity Bootcamp. We each live in different states, have different roles, and are at different places in life. But we check in with each other almost every day. We encourage each other, motivate each other, and vent to each other. It is not just about work but all of our daily struggles and achievements. We even all share our iWatch achievements. We all inspire each other.

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