PT Team Member Spotlight: Meet Rachel

Rachel MacIntosh

Meet our teammate, Rachel! Rachel is our Office Operations Leader at ProviderTrust and is the glue that keeps us all together. She is not only our resident plant guru, but she also spends her weekends riding her Harley on the open roads.

Rachel started at ProviderTrust on our Client Care team where she became an expert in our products, but recently she transitioned to become an expert in our people. After overseeing the ProviderTrust move, she realized that she really enjoyed keeping the behind the scenes operations running for the whole PT crew.

Tell us about yourself and what you do for ProviderTrust.

Hey there! I’m Rachel McIntosh- There are three Rachels here at ProviderTrust, so I go by Rachel Mac. Originally from the great state of Minnesota – I’ve been in Nashville for about 10 years now. I work on the People Operations team as an Office Operations Leader.  When I’m not working, you can either find me outside – enjoying the fresh air with friends, cruising the backroads of Tennessee on my motorcycle, or at my favorite coffee shop.

How long have you worked at ProviderTrust?

I started at PT in May of 2018. So about two and a half years!

Tell us about your first role at ProviderTrust and how you transitioned into your new role.

When I started working at ProviderTrust,  I started on the Client Success team as a Client Care Leader. I enjoyed this role because I learned something new every single day. Our clients are such a delight to work with too!

When we moved offices, I had the pleasure of working with people in different departments that I don’t normally get to work with. We planned for months on this move and seeing it all come to life was so rewarding. From the kind of coffee we have in the space, to the plants. About a year later- they put an Office Operations role on our website and the rest was history.

What is your favorite memory at ProviderTrust?

Our holiday parties are always a great time. It’s so fun to celebrate all the hard work we put in that year. This past year we rented out the Frist Art Museum and then went dancing downtown Nashville.

What is something you’re proud of?

Last year I took my first solo motorcycle trip from Nashville to the Smoky Mountains. This trip was very last minute so I didn’t have plans on camping or lodging (which is not like me at all). The views were nothing short of amazing. But when it started raining in the middle of the mountains, (with zero cell service) I had no choice but to trust my gut and head home. I rode 600 miles in and out of storms back to Nashville in one day. Pulling into my driveway was the most rewarding feeling. I can’t wait to do it again someday soon.

What is your favorite value at ProviderTrust and why?

Build Open, Honest, and Diverse Relationships. ProviderTrust has influenced me to build open, honest, and diverse relationships not only at work but in my personal life as well. This has created so much trust and love within those relationships that might not have happened if it wasn’t for this value.

Looking back on last year, what is something significant that has happened to you?

This was a difficult year for everyone, but In April we had to postpone our wedding. Because of the pandemic, I have been able to slow down and focus on those things I never seemed to have time for. I finally grew a garden from seeds and I think I have mastered a mean loaf of bread. 

What projects are you excited about next?

This quarter I will be focusing on calculating where our dollars are  going. I’m excited to be using our very own VendorProof to monitor and engage with our Vendors to track this!

What does smarter and safer healthcare mean to you?

Before working at ProviderTrust, I had no idea what an exclusion was. I never knew the hard work Compliance officers do day-in and day-out. I have seen first hand what a change our software can do for an organization and the weight it lifts off people’s shoulders. Our data team is best-in-class and their work is truly amazing. Smarter and Safer Healthcare means Compliance Officers can sleep at night knowing they are providing the best care with the most qualified providers.

Who in your life has inspired you lately?

My mom has worked at the high school in my hometown ever since I can remember (as the Activity director admin.)  She has leaned in and pivoted so many times during this pandemic. From calling kids to ensure they have the tools that they need to learn remotely- to booking sporting events super last minute. She has handled it like a champ and I couldn’t be more proud. Sidenote – this is her last year before retiring. What a way to go out, right?

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