The Story Behind the HR Leader Bundle


At ProviderTrust, we love empowering and developing our teams to do their best and most meaningful work. From weekly values conversations and hobby groups to a conflict policy we take seriously, our candor and hustle has kept us on best places to work lists for years. We’re not perfect, but like our HR partners, we find joy and purpose in consistently striving to work together in ways that are healthy, fun, and produce awesome results.

This quarter we are sharing a piece of the culture we love so much by giving away some HR leader bundles that can help other teams engage with courage, overcome dysfunction, and do better work. Here’s some insight into why we chose each of these items in our HR Leader Bundle.  

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni has had a profound impact on our organization. Our ProviderTrust book club read this book two years ago and it sparked great conversation. The foundation of all great teams is trust and you cannot have trust without vulnerability. Vulnerability requires an immense amount of courage as being seen can be scary and risky. But without it, teams are doomed to repeat the same old cycles of dysfunction and lackluster impact. 

The book is written like a fable, with all-too-relatable characters navigating the initially scary waters of vulnerability. As the book unfolds, you’ll find yourself cheering the team’s strides to become stronger and more united. One cannot read this book without thinking of their own team or company and being challenged to reframe what makes a great team. Being bold, admitting mistakes and weaknesses, and bringing your whole self to work is hard, but it is worth it. Take the jump! 

Dare to Lead 
This book brought forth a lot of great, productive, thoughtful conversation within our teams. It is filled with encouragement, ideas, and motivation to engage with courage and have those important and difficult conversations. While I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a “light” read, Dare to Lead forces you to think outside your comfort zone. With her legendary candor and research receipts, Brene Brown asks us “What does it mean to be vulnerable?” and “How do we encourage courageous leadership?”

After reading Dare to Lead in our book club last year, most of us thought to ourselves, “Wow, there are so many great points that I need to go back and read again!” You really will want to re-read some of her compelling and profound principles.

Do Better Work
This book is a fast read, however, the simple truths it presents pack a punch. With a people-first approach to work, this book is a great exploration of the connection between how we relate to one another and the results we see. Progressing from abstract concepts to concrete examples, this book provides a path to be a better team member. I find it to be a book that you keep in your desk and continue to reference from time to time. I learned guidance for sharing before you’re ready, how to lead and work with integrity, and how to be a team member people want to be around!

Baron Fig Hardcover Notebook 
There must be a million high-tech ways to keep track of your to-do’s and meeting notes. And still there’s just something about a nice, low-tech notebook. We know that some meetings really do require access to systems and software, but rediscovering the power of focus and presence can make a significant difference in what we accomplish during meetings and how we feel about them afterward. 

“Can We Talk” Card Game
In spite of its intimidating name, this small card deck contains a mix of fun and probing questions. We find these various cards to be great fodder for everything from one-on-ones to team meetings to new hire orientation. 

$15 Starbucks Gift Card 
Do we even need a reason for including this in our HR Leader Bundle? Probably not, but we have one anyway. Whether you’re engaging in a difficult conversation, a much-needed encouragement, or just an offsite one-on-one, getting out of the office can sometimes be the key to escaping the noise. 

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to register to win one of these HR Leader Bundles!

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