We love you, Nashville.

the basement east

This city is our home. Today, we’re hurting.   

Last night was devastating for the city we love so much. We saw our families, neighbors, and friends face a vicious tornado that ripped through Nashville and claimed the lives of multiple people and destroyed homes and businesses in its path across the region. 

Today, we are heartbroken for the families and loved ones of those lost. Our thoughts, prayers, and love are with all of you today, and every day as we rebuild our city.

We are so thankful to be able to let you know that our ProviderTrust family is safe. A few of us are without power, saw our homes, cars, and other property damaged, but we are all safe this morning. We’re grateful for you and we appreciate all of you that reached out to ask. 

Nashville is a city built on spreading love, helping our neighbors, and modeling positivity and resiliency in our toughest times. We’ve rebuilt before, and we will rebuild again. We’re a town that knows how to be human, to love each other well, and to help each other when we need it most. 

It’s moments like this that remind us of life’s fragility. Hold the ones you love close. Tell someone you love them. Call an old friend. Live fully and live well today.   

Nashville is a part of the ProviderTrust story, and our family is deeply committed to helping our friends and neighbors rebuild. We will continue to share ways that you can join us to help in weeks and months to come. For today, here are two ways to help our community right now: 

  1. If you’re interested in donating to families directly affected by the tornado, please consider donating to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund.
  2. If you’re a local Nashvillian and want to join us in helping our neighbors rebuild their homes and businesses, please consider volunteering with Hands On Nashville

We love our city. We’re grateful for your support, your thoughts and prayers, and your love. 

We’ll see you soon for the Woodstock from Burger Up in East Nashville, an Old Fashioned from Geist in Germantown, and a late-night rock show at the Basement East. Until then, let’s all help rebuild the city we love so dearly and support those that need it most along the way. 

With all of our love, 

Want to help? Donate to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund.

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