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No-Cost License Verifications for Healthcare Organizations Responding to COVID-19

We recognize the urgent need to verify licenses for healthcare personnel responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, and we’re here to help. ProviderTrust is offering no-cost license verification and medical volunteer screening support for healthcare organizations in outbreak hotspots.

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Step 1: Fill Out the Form Below

We’ll email you the file specifications and one of our team members will reach out to you to answer any questions.  

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Step 2: Upload Your File

We’ll send you a secure file upload link to transmit your file of people and license data. We’ll screen and verify each license at the primary source.

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Step 3: Get Your Results

We’ll securely return your file, identifying any license issues. You can rest assured that your providers are safe and eligible to deliver care.  

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COVID-19 Licensure Waivers and Regulations

To help support the healthcare community during COVID-19, we’ve aggregated the latest information on state medical board waivers and license portability to keep you well informed.

See your state’s license portability updates

More resources to help your organization navigate COVID-19

Looking for an ongoing license monitoring solution? That’s what we do.

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